Maximum Readability in Feet

How close does someone have to be to see your sign? This question is essential when determining the best size of your sign and its design. Refer to our chart below to discover the best sign size for your maximum impact. 





Evoke the Right Emotions

Color plays a large role in your sign’s effectiveness. Refer to our color guide when designing your sign to ensure that your message is conveying the right tone for your audience. We’ve also provided a few handy design tips to accompany our color reference. 



Blue, the color of safety, truth & dignity.  Blue is the opposite of red. Blue is a “cool” color that communicates elegance and quality.


Black typically communicates authority and power. Black is a good choice for typefaces, because it contrasts nicely against most light backgrounds and therefore, can be read from long distances. 



Red is a color of high emotion. Studies show it stimulates shoppers and appetite.  Red say’s powerful, passion, love, heat & strength.  It is also a “hot” color that signifies low price.


Green symbolizes health and nature.  Green is a color that is rarely used in retail settings except lawn and garden or food establishments.  It is eternally associated with the environment, nature, and things that are good for you.


Yellow is bright & optimistic and can suggest sunshine & warmth. Yellow is another attention-grabber, but experts say this color should only be used as a background. Yellow typefaces are difficult to read.


Purple conveys wealth, intelligence & sophistication, and therefore isn’t appropriate for uses that promote value and savings.


Brown is a good choice for industrial applications, because it is earthy and signifies reliability, trust and genuineness.   Brown has become increasingly popular in the fashion industry. 


Orange is a great accent color and can imply warmth, confidence, and optimism. But like yellow, orange is a bold color and should typically be used sparingly.


The color white is often calming or reassuring because it gives the rest of your sign some breathing room. It’s associated with cleanliness and purity, which can be associated with offering a clean slate. 


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